Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)

A  Heat Recovery Ventilator (also known as an Air Exchanger) a moisture-proof propylene core expels excess humidity that occurs, especially during the heating season, preventing potential health problems, as well as moisture damage to window frames and surrounding walls.

Moisture damage can get very expensive costing thousands of dollars in damage to your home.

The Heat Recovery Ventilator replaces stale indoor air with fresh, clean outdoor air. Filters outdoor pollens and expels indoor pollutants to the outside, exchanging the air in the home

Fully Ducted vanEE Air Exchanger Installation
The fully ducted installation is for new houses that do not have forced air heating systems. Typically, this is for homes that have electric baseboard heating, or in-floor water heating systems

Simplified vanEE Air Exchanger Installation
Simplified air exchanger installations are designed for existing homes that have forced air heating. The simplified installation is the simplest and easiest method to install an air exchanger into a home where you have ductwork but the house is completely finished

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